When you are looking for jobs, sometimes you might feel that there is just nothing happening. You may feel that have been trying so hard and you might be beginning to feel that you are losing your way in seeking a suitable career path.

What should you do if you get lost in your job hunt?

You should already have a well-prepared resume and a well-drafted cover letter as well as an up to date LinkedIn profile. But just clicking “Apply Now” in response to job advertisements on websites such as “Seek” and “Indeed” and uploading your resume and cover letter you might find that you still only receive some shopping emails rather than the coveted interview invitation email.

If you are finding the scenario from above describes your efforts then you should practice doing the following:

1. Don’t make excuses for yourself

No one likes being rejected, but holding onto your negative thoughts about such a rejection is not a good way to enhance your carer objectives. There is no doubt that it is natural to feel down when you are overlooked but you should give yourself a limited time for this “sad” feeling to wash over you. After the “sad” time has passed, you should try to make yourself feel positive again and re-think your career strategy. The following strategies will help with this.

2. Re-think your strategies and invest in yourself

Sometimes people think that they are trying hard to find the career path best suited to their skills by simply responding to job advertisements that appear to suit. However, if you have been doing the same thing over and over and do not get any positive responses, then maybe it is the right time to re-think your strategies. You might need to edit your resume and cover letter again. You might also need to seek assistance from professionals who know the employment landscape and who can guide you back on to the right track. Remember, you should take “rejections” as a sign that it is a good time to improve yourself by developing better personal skills and maybe by broadening your horizons.

3. Apply some detail to your goal setting

Some people, when setting goals, don’t look at the detailed or the bigger picture when setting goals. An example of this might be “Day 1: Resume writing. Day 2: Connecting with people, etc. These goals lack detail and should be adjusted to something that will actually be of benefit to your searches such as Day 1: Review resume and make changes after reviewing online examples, Day 2: Connect with 5 people that work in my preferred industry, etc..

By applying some detail to Day 2 you will increase the chances that those you connect with will actually benefit your searches. You should look at the profession they practice and make a list of what questions you might ask them. You should ask if they can meet up for a coffee and a chat about your aspirations. You should make notes about what they say to you and apply these suggestions to your searches. You might also ask them to review your resume and to fill in any details that you are unsure about. You should also ask them if they know of any suitable roles.

By focusing on the details of your goal setting you will increase your chances of achieving them.

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