There are many different jobs people can choose as a career. A career in academia usually involves tenured positions such as being a lecturer, tutors or another teaching professional type of job. There are however many other positions or academic type jobs on offer just waiting for someone to apply. Many of these jobs involve research or teaching for hard to fill short-term positions. By reading this article you can learn some information about these types of positions.

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Tenure-like Roles

Academia is changing so many of the tenured positions are just not available any more. Colleges are seeking flexibility in their workplace so they tend to place people on short-term contracts or in consultancy positions. Undertaking research usually required people to have an academic background in education. This is not so much mandatory now and your skills and experience can often be the key to gaining such a job. Different experiences and networks can often be helpful for students as they can be exposed to different experiences rather than just a pure academic understanding.

Library Affairs

A library is a place for students to do some academic research, borrow books, or have academic communication with groups. As a library affairs worker, you may find an opportunity to teach students, consult with researchers and engage with those studying under a scholarship. You do not always need a master’s degree to undertake research or to offer assistance to students. Look at your college website or your college library website, to see what may be on offer. Having a certificate that indicates that you can do something well could be helpful for gaining such a role. Look online as there are a lot of free courses that will get you a certificate when you can demonstrate you are competent. Gaining proficiency in using excel or word will often be the key to success when applying for such positions.

Student & Academic Affairs

The broad category of jobs at a university that focuses on serving students outside the classroom is often called “student affairs.” Student clubs such as a student union is one such example that serves students outside the classroom. They provide services that can improve life and career skills as well as health and wellness.

People who work in these clubs and organisations are often able to learn some real-life skills such as leadership and cultural understanding and these positions often assist students with career development.

Campus Relationship Building

Every college has its own small world, with many different offices in many different buildings undertaking many different roles. People who work on campus are not just academics and often help to manage the relationships between different departments. Sometimes they are just trying to contact alumni to seek donations or to connect with current students by offering their different experiences. In fact, the range of roles is quite vast. Keep an eye on your college job board and you might find something that helps you practice your skills and gives you real-life experience in the workplace.

After reading today’s article, I believe you will have some thoughts about the academic jobs around you. Remember, if you are interested in those positions, prepare your resume as soon as you can.

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