Online Mentoring Package


This is an entry level package to help Advance your job search success and get you started on the career you deserve.

The Online Mentoring Package has been designed for people wanting to learn how to win the career they deserve at their own pace. Jump online at any time with your 2 months full access to videos and resources. Receive confidential advice with 2 months of online mentoring.

How this package will help you:

  • Accurately understand the job and career market and the strategies to succeed

  • Increase your technology and workplace communication skills for your career success

  • Learn how to build your own network for finding jobs and building your future career

  • Learn how to build your resume in an effective format

  • Learn skills for different kinds of interviews

  • Learn how to negotiate the salary with your employer

  • Leverage your LinkedIn profile to get you in front of the right people

The best opportunities go to the people with the right career strategy and who are well-prepared, so do not hesitate, limited places available for people serious about their career dreams.

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