Interview Coaching Package


This is an advanced package to build your skills to find the career opportunities that never get advertised, to network successfully and to Succeed in job interviews

The Interview Coaching Package has been designed for people who need help advancing through the interview process or that need to build the skills to find the jobs that do not get advertised. Get the edge on your competitors by quickly building key skills with your own personal mentor as your coach.

How this package will help you:

  • Understand key interview skills and important tips for telephone, video, face to face and group interviews

  • Improve your communication skills both written and spoken

  • Develop your personal brand and strategic brand positioning for success

  • Increase your confidence about expressing yourself in an appropriate way

The best opportunities go to the people with the right strategy and who are well-prepared, so do not hesitate, limited places available for people serious about their career dreams.

(All payments are processed by our group company Bill Lang International)



(1 x 60 MIN)

One-on-one coaching sessions
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