The recently published “New Work Reality” report shows that young graduates in Australia are facing difficult problems when trying to find a full-time job. It is also found that this young generation of job seekers needed some help before they can successfully step into the workplace.

Is it difficicult for young graduates in Australia to find a full-time job?

The research published in 2016 was conducted on young people who graduated in 2006 and were aged 15 to 25 years old. It showed that 75% of those surveyed don’t think they have relevant or practical working experience, while about 70% claimed there are not enough jobs for them to apply for. It also found that 25% of the survey group feel they cannot get an interview because they don’t have good enough job application skills.

After looking at the data in the report, some of you might feel some anxiety about finding full-time jobs. However, the Foundation for Young Australians has reported recently that young people who have successfully obtained a full-time job found the following factors were instrumental in helping them to obtain their roles.

  • Having good personal skills including communication, teamwork or problem solving
  • Being employed in the area of their study, either part-time or full-time helped to speed up the transition to full-time work
  • Developing an optimistic mindset by age 18 also helped the transition to full-time work.

To develop these skills, the FYA suggest students should develop their working strategies while they are still studying at college. They should prepare early, do some research and develop their enterprise skills and technical skills. They also found that building their own networks and asking professionals for some advice is helpful.

If you are stuck finding a job, don’t feel you are alone, there are a lot of people like you. You should just try your best, keep learning, keep questioning and keep a positive attitude. The best opportunities to go to the people with the right strategies in place and who are well-prepared. So, do not hesitate, do something to help yourself stand out from today!

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