Nowadays, more and more young people are well educated. However, many of them are still struggling to find a job. Dan Woodman a sociologist, recently wrote a piece with a focus on young people’s transition to work and how it is changing. In his writings, he has noticed a trend of more and more companies deciding to employ young people as an intern in the first instance before offering full-time employment.

Good news! More and more workplaces plan to have young people as interns

Other findings included that most young people are satisfied with their work experience as an intern. 70% of them claimed that they gain relevant skills and knowledge and almost one-quarter of them get a full-time job following an internship. However, there are lots of things holding back young people from finding an internship. A lack of a proper network, poor knowledge and skills and sometimes parents who just pay their bills, often mean that some young people lack the opportunity, or the drive, to seek an internship opportunity.

Many companies find that young people can bring new energy and perspective to the company. Most young job seekers are eager to learn, would like to build their experiences and want to apply their skills in the workforce. They also like to share their thoughts and experiences with their friends using social media. This presents a great opportunity for companies that employ young people to promote their company and to promote their services or their products.

Ben Neal, a partner at PwC – People and Organisation, recently noted that technological developments are making it increasingly difficult for many young people to find entry-level jobs that will allow them to build the skills necessary for successful full-time employment. Consequently, more companies will have to take graduates straight out of university with no prior workforce experience. However, when companies claim that they would like someone to have experience in the workforce, what they are really focusing on is the “experiences”, not “workforce”. For many young people the entry-level job they may start with, such as an internship, may not be very glamorous but it has the advantage of teaching them the skills needed to be successful in the workplace. Internships teach young people discipline, time management and people skills. Internships also offer young people the opportunity to learn and practice the skills needed for full-time employment.

After reading this article, you may like to find an internship or start looking for your first job. Always remember, asking professionals for advice will always help you to find your dream job.

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