There is an old saying said that “Practice makes Perfect”. To achieve your career goals in the future, find a job as early as you can as it will be really helpful. This article today will discuss how to find a job during your college life.

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Regularly check your school’s career centre

You might find some suitable jobs in your college career centre or through online resources. There are a lot of businesses and companies that choose to post their available jobs on a college career site in order to find suitable candidates. Most college career centres allow you to log in with your student ID and password, set up your personal details and choose your interested field. You can then usually subscribe to email alerts when jobs from your favourite employer, or in suitable industries are listed. However, if your college doesn’t have a career centre platform, you can try to find any other local college or other websites which allow public visits.

Keep your future career in mind and keep learning

Having an understanding of your preferred future career is always helpful when you are looking for jobs at college. You might find internships that suit your career path and obtaining one of these will help you to keep learning about your future career. If you are undertaking a commerce degree then why not seek out financial firms and ask about volunteer positions, entry-level positions or internships. If your major was in education then you might consider approaching schools for volunteer positions. No matter which degree you are undertaking you need to keep learning about your chosen career industry or sector. The more you learn the better placed you will be to secure a position.

Build your own networks

Networking also plays a significant role in finding a job. Although doing research is important so is building your network. Asking your lecturers, teachers, parents or friends if they know anyone who has any position suitable for you is a good way to start searching for a job. You also need to set up your own LinkedIn profile as a priority. LinkedIn is a great network building tool and by completing and maintaining your profile you can start to connect with others involved in companies or industries that are in fields in which you would like to work.

Ask professionals for help

When attempting to find a job during your time at college a great idea is to devote some time to discuss your career path with a professional. You can draw on their experience and they can offer help with your resume or with connecting with those people that are hiring in your field.

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