Job hunting takes time but it doesn’t have to waste your time. If you find something is wasting your time while you are job hunting, you need to do your best to avoid it.

Don’t let the “Time-Killers” wasting your time during your job hunting

Concentrating on the following four strategies will make your searches more efficient.

1. Never start researching without planning first.

Doing research is very important when job hunting. However, if you start researching without any planning first, you might be time wasting. The correct thing you should do is to find out what you want, what you like and what you would like to do, then make a simple list and undertake your research in a methodical manner.

2. Never have just one strategy for finding your job.

When seeking to find a job, you should rely on more than one strategy in order to succeed. If you have only one strategy you might be wasting your time. Having multiple strategies to find a job will increase your chances of success. Asking professionals for advice, connecting with your network as well as checking job boards extends your search options. Speaking with different people also allows you to broaden your search as well as possibly opening up other options.

3. Never apply for jobs that you don’t actually want.

When job hunting some people apply for jobs they don’t actually want or are not suited to just to see what happens. However, the truth is, if you are not really wanting to do this job then you should not apply. You should only apply for jobs which you really like and which are suited to your skill sets. Before applying for jobs that will suit you, remember to prepare first by doing some research about the role and the company advertising the position. Also remember that preparing a professional resume together with a professional cover letter, that addresses the needs of the advertiser, will maximise your chances of success.

4. Always follow up.

Some people do not bother to follow up after sending a job application. This is not a helpful habit to get into. It does not matter whether you have received an interview or not, a thank-you letter will always give people a positive impression of you. If you receive an interview offer, besides congratulating yourself, you should send a reply email like “Thank you very much for the opportunity to interview for the position and I will be preparing myself as best I can for our interview on …..(date). I look forward to meeting with you. Kind regards, etc. etc. If you have not been offered an interview you should still follow up with a card or an email to express your thanks for the time taken to review your application. Sending such thoughts as “Thank you for your reply. I am really appreciative of the time that you took reviewing my application and although I was not successful on this occasion, please email me if any suitable roles come up in the future”. Follow up is really an important habit to cultivate when job hunting.

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