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Get the jump on your competition for the career you want and deserve. The Winning the Career You Deserve series was created and developed by successful business owner Bill Lang.

Gain insight on the entire job hunting process with our videos and online resources as well as having your own mentor at your finger tips with ‘Ask the Mentor’.

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The complexity of the job hunting market has created barriers for job seeker to find a new job. Our Winning the Career You Deserve online resources cover the entire career cycle and  provide you with a step by step guidance to succeeding at each stage of the job hunting process. It also explains how you can tap into the 75% of job vacancies that never get advertised and outlines the 8 Skills for Career Success™ to help you improve your productivity and effectiveness at work.

The online resources features interviews with employers in several industries, recruiters and career counselors. Hear firsthand about what they are looking for in candidates and how you can best prepare yourself. Purchasing access to the online resources also provides you with Online Mentoring at your fingertips.

Increase your salary

There are usually two main options to consider when it comes to gaining an increase in salary and benefits. One option is to seek a new employer that values the services you provide more than your current employer. Another option is to significantly increase the value that you deliver to your current employer in a way that is recognised and rewarded.

If you are a manager of a team this usually means exceeding the key performance targets that have been set for your team as well as proactively helping your manager succeed in their role. We recommend you develop the 8 Skills for Career Success™ which will increase your success at work with the right knowledge, skills and self-motivation. In addition, implementing the Scores on the Board™ team performance system have helped thousands of managers achieve their goal of gaining a salary increase in a short period of time.

If you are an individual team member, increasing the value you deliver to your employer usually means delivering results over and above what is expected by your manager. The 8 Skills for Career Success™ will equip you with the right knowledge and skills to succeed at your work and ultimately increase your salary.

Gain a promotion

If you want to gain a promotion to work in a new role or take on new responsibilities you have two main pathways. The approaches are very similar to increase your salary. The first pathway is to seek out a new employer who believes you have the skills and potential to take on a different role in their organisation.  The second pathway is to significantly increase the value that you deliver to your current employer and demonstrate your potential for taking on a new role.

We recommend you develop the 8 Skills for Career Success™ which will increase your success at work by increasing your workplace productivity and effectiveness for both individuals and managers.

Run your own business

Starting your own business has increasingly become more popular for a new career path. The 8 Skills for Career Success™ provide you with a set of skills for managing your career while an employee and helping you gain the knowledge and experience needed to operate your own business.You can either start a part-time business from or start a new business on a full time basis.

Besides starting your own business from scratch you can also consider buying an existing business and investing in a franchise. Like all big decisions in life if you use a sound decision making process and do your homework you increase the odds of choosing the best strategy for having your own business.

To learn more on how to start and run your own business visit – Your Business Network

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